CISB is committed to the complete development of our students through a diversified curriculum. We facilitate growth by adapting and excelling not only academically, but in all aspects of life.

Here at CISB we integrate both international and national cultures and perspectives. This allows are students to grow and gain confidence in both envirnoments.

Our programmes are designed to reach academic excellence, whilst we remember that each child is unique and possess different abilities, skills and interests.

Besides the academic arena, we strongly emphasize on emotional and mental values of human being; respect, trust, self-esteem and love.

We believe in diversity. Students, teachers and faculties of different nationalities, ethnicity and religion enrich our school with multicultural atmosphere creating foundation for adaptation and flexibility. This helps our pupils to create a place of their own, in the ever-changing global platform.


Achieving Excellence Together 

What Makes Us Different?


Bangkok has so many International Schools that parents often get lost deciding which school is the best fit for them and their child. We would like to highlight 5 reasons why we think CISB is different.


We do not charge huge fees


We believe that education should be affordable and manageable for as many families as possible. So does this mean poor facilities or higher class numbers? No! We are open 7 days a week for classes and our facilities will be available for rent. By spreading the cost through other revenue streams, we aim to keep our fees reasonable.


We do not forget where we are


Many International Schools minimize the Thai aspect of their schools, so parents are forced to choose either a Thai or an International School. We are proud to offer a  British Curriculum, alongside a strong Thai programme that keeps our students at a exceptionally high level throughout all school levels.


We offer a balanced curriculum


All of our students are treated as individuals. We work hard to find out what each child’s passion is. We offer the traditional academic subjects alongside modern lessons, such as Environmental Science, Social Development and Community Projects. These additional lessons help develop a child in a multitude of  different ways.


We remember our students are children!


Many schools require children to do hours of homework and spend weeks revising for needless exams.  Our children do not do homework, as they work hard in every lesson. For students wanting to develop their skills they can ask for credit work to take home. Our students see extra work as a bonus, not as a punishment. 

We also believe our teachers are professional enough to assess our students after every unit and adjust the lessons to meet their current needs. Asking a primary child to spend 1-2 weeks revising for exams, 1 week taking  exams and 1 week going over the results, means 4 weeks of valuable learning and so much added stress. On top of this most of what the students revise is crammed into them that they forget it within a few weeks of the exam.  Exams are conducted only when required within the UK Curriculum.


We believe in partnerships


Our school believes in building partnerships. Partnerships with parents, the local community, other schools and businesses. We involve our parents in the school process and expect them to support the school as the school supports them. We will open our school for local community use. Hiring our facilities to help the community keep fit and well educated. Our doors don’t slam shut at 3pm. We will work with reputable local businesses and other schools to offer our benefits to them and to share their knowledge. We are keen to show our students learning is not just restricted to the classroom. 


CISB is a culturally diverse community. It is truly an international school. This is reflected in the nationalities represented by our staff and students, as well as in our mission-driven goal of instilling a sense of global citizenry in our school community. We are situated in the heart of the local community and work with our partners to develop  a strong local identity.

We are a dynamic and engaged school dedicated to excellence in research and teaching.