We follow a version of the National Curriculum for England which is designed to meet the needs of our students and prepares them for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams and AS A level exams.

The British Curriculum At CISB


At Centurion International School we follow an international version of the National Curriculum for England. We follow the guidelines of the Early Years Framework document and seamlessly incorporate an international element to the curriculum.

As a school we understand the needs for our students to not only participate in the British curriculum but also to be full participants in Thai society. Under the guidance of the Thai Ministry of Education we incorporate advance Thai teaching into our curriculum.

Apart from our focus on academic subjects and languages, we also understand about non-academic teaching and development. Our students participate in environmental studies and choose from a wide variety of musical and artistic passions to follow.

Benefits Of The British Curriculum


The British educational system is highly accepted by academic institutions around the world. As a result, the National Curriculum is one of the most popular programmes of study at a vast number of international schools across the globe. Its acceptance and longstanding reputation for excellence makes it the first choice of many international families, when selecting a private school for their children.


We emphasize high achievement within each individual’s potential. To achieve this, we provide a tailored-made approach to learning, which takes into account each child’s interests, strengths and adaptabilities. This ensures all our pupils feel inspired and supported to do their very best and get the most out of their educational experience.


Structure Of The British Curriculum


The British Curriculum is broken down into school years referred to as Key Stages. These stages cover the child’s school experience from Early Years right up to high school and university preparation, with age-appropriate topics, materials and activities specifically designed for each keystage.