Dear Current and Prospective Parents,

I would again like to welcome you to Centurion International School, Bangkok. A common question many parents ask is why did I choose to come to Centurion, what attracted me to the school?

For many Head Teachers it is not usually a financial decision to move job. The decision is normally based on the challenge the new job presents.

When I was interviewed for the post, the Directors informed me they wanted to create a new kind of school; a school which placed their core values at the centre of the school. The school should challenge popular concepts of how we educate our children, by questioning the methodology and delivery of education. This will be achieved by sound pedagogical research and by listening to our school community.

This ideology is exactly how I perceive education to be. For many years we have taught in a particular manner, based on ideas which are, for the most part, no longer relevant. However, there are hundreds of modern progressive schools in Thailand, what will make us different is we will maintain the values of the past, whilst embracing the future.

Having taught worldwide over the last 30 years, I fully understand that to make a successful school we have to empower students, parents and staff to help us make decisions. So I am proud that our Project Based Learning (PBL), Community Partnership and Parent Support Programmes make up the cornerstones of our schools governance.

Finally, Centurion’s motto  ‘Achieving Excellence Together’ encompasses our beliefs,  by working together, growing together and standing together, I believe we can achieve all of our goals.


Head Teacher Centurion International School, Bangkok